How to help others get around internet censorship

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Oppressive regimes around the world use internet shutdowns or censorship to stop their people getting online and sharing information. This is a way for states to:

  1. Try to prevent people communicating protest gathering locations.
  2. Slowdown or prevent video and photos of atrocities being released to the wider world.
  3. Prevent victims from getting their stories out or communicating with international media.

You can help the people of Iran and other places where internet has been suppressed with the simple act of installing a Tor Snowflake to your Firefox or Chrome web browser. Best part is it’s super easy!

How do I do it?
Got to and click on the link to install the Tor Snowflake extension to your web browser.

Once it is installed a purple snowflake will appear in your address bar. Make sure it is toggled ‘ON’.
When the snowflake turns green in colour, that means someone is using your snowflake to connect to the internet.

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To read more about the Tor project visit: